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Nivi Credit s.r.l

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Nivi Credit Srl is a Company of Nivi Group specialized in International Public Debt Collection. An innovative service, the notification of traffic fines issued to citizens residing abroad, is offered in outsourcing to Municipalities, through two Divisions: EMO (European Municipalities Outsourcing) in Europe and AMMO (American Municipality Outsourcing) in the border countries between USA and Mexico, while a different Division offers the collection of unpaid toll fees to European Highway Companies. web-site: www.nivicredit.it

Nivi Credit srl, with headquarters in Florence, Italy, has been working on the Italian and international market since 1960. It was one of the first companies to obtain ISO 9001 certification for projecting and supplying debt collection services, both for private companies and Public Administrations.

Nivi Credit is member of several national and international debt collection Associations: TCM Group International Ltd, for which is the sole representative in Italy, ACA International, FENCA (affiliate member, UNIREC and EBITEC(associate member).

Nivi Credit has different divisions :

National and International Debt Collection Division
EMO (European Municipalities Outsourcing) AMMO (American Municipalities Outsourcing)

The Debt Collection Division has been acting for over 30 years, by force of a special Power of Attorney, on behalf of the main Italian Highway companies for the collection of unpaid toll fees, as well as on behalf of Public Transport Companies for the notification of reports issued to travellers not in possession of requested documents

EMO and AMMO are services aiming at facilitating the dialogue among Municipalities of different countries which are trying to reach the same goal: the respect of the Highway Code and a significant decrease in the number of accidents and their consequences. Both services are needful outsourcing services which enable the interaction between Municipalities and citizens.

EMO (European Municipalities Outsourcing) performs in outsourcing the notification of fines for violations to the Highway Code committed by citizens residing abroad, granting small and large European Municipalities the support of a fully integrated office under their direct supervision. The service is carried out in accordance with regulations and laws in force in the country where the European Municipality is located. About 450 European Municipalities are taking advantage of this service.

AMMO (American Municipalities Outsourcing)is a new project aiming at facilitating the dialogue between USA and Mexico, paying specific attention to traffic fines issued at the border countries between these two nations.

The strength of Nivi Credit is based not only on the results but mainly on how these results are achieved. While performing any activities, the respect for both the creditor and the debtor is the essential principle followed by employees and collaborators of Nivi Credit, in the respect of local laws and regulations.

Contact Details

Loriana Baglioni
Nivi Credit s.r.l
Telephone: +39 055 34 40 351




Products at the Show

EMO (European Municipalities Outsourcing) notifies your traffic fines all over the world

EMO (European Municipality Outsourcing), is an innovative service of Nivi Credit for the management of traffic fines issued to citizens residing in foreign countries. This service is intended for European Municipalities which want to comply with EU traffic directives.