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Dirección General de Tráfico

Stand E52

DIRECCIÓN GENERAL de TRÁFICO (DGT) is competent on traffic control of interurban and urban roads, as well as traffic surveillance and regulation of any kind of roads. It also stands over traffic fines for violations of traffic rules and safety on the aforementioned roads. DGT has been investing for many years in telematic systems, so that today can be said to be a pioneer and the major investor in ITS systems. Web-site: http://www.dgt.es

DIRECCIÓN GENERAL de TRÁFICO (DGT) The Road Traffic Directorate was founded in 1959 as an organism in charge of traffic surveillance, driver licenses issuing and management of traffic penalties. By that time, Spain had 76,000 km of roads and a fleet of 850,000 vehicles. In 1959, 1,322 persons lost their lives due to car accidents. Nowadays, DGT (Ministry of Interior) controls 170,000 km of roads used by almost 30 millions vehicles.

In 2004, DGT set up several measures in order to reduce determinedly road fatalities. The Driver License Points System, the increasing of the road surveillance and the reform of the Penal Code in terms of road traffic are some of the most important measures in that sense.

Eight years later, the cases of mortality on Spanish roads decreased by more than 50 %, on line with the targets set by the European Union. There were 4.029 road fatalities in 2003. In 2010 this figure was reduced to 1,729. These facts show the engagement of DGT in improving the road safety on the Spanish roads.

Contact Details

Joaquìn Figueras Sola
DGT Dirección General de Tráfico
Telephone: +34 091 301 81 00